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Holistic Care is part of The Dapper Dog difference!

As you and your pet enter The Dapper Dog by Tiara, you will notice the uniqueness.  Feng Shui (Chinese art of harmonizing and optimizing energy through decorating and placement) has been used to create a harmonious atmosphere. 

A dechlorinator is used on the water supply in the luxurious slate-tiled walk-in shower.  All pets appreciate not being hoisted into a raised tub. Warm shampoo is used. Warm towels are provided for drying.  Towels are washed between each pet’s use in laundry (Maytag Neptunes) on the premises.  There are no noisy dryers to upset dogs.

A grooming "noose," you see at other grooming establishments, is never used.  The dogs are trained to remain on the table, never tied or hung up on it.  The table is covered with a thick quality towel so the rubber-grooved mat is not irritating to the dog’s paws. Large dogs are further accommodated with large pens and are never put into crates.

Monthly professional anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and polishing is provided as a community service through Gentle Dental.

Professional pet supplies, fully endorsed by Julie, are available for sale for the client's convenience.

Current information on training, feeding and vaccinating from top USA experts is passed on to the clients at The Dapper Dog by Tiara.

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